Thursday, April 8, 2010

Which Player Do You Have The Most Autographs Of?

For me it's Paul Blair.  I have eight cards of his cards with autographs on them (six different, two doubles).

It wasn't exactly planned.  I collect all Orioles' autos and by chance, through the years, I've come across a lot of very affordable (and cool looking) Paul Blair autographed cards. 

I know there are some really hardcore player collectors out there.

And I suspect my eight of Blair will not take home the trophy when others reveal their auto leader. 


They don't have to be certified, just autos you are confident are real.

So tell me, which player do you have the most autographs of and how many?


  1. Adam LaRoche - I stopped counting at 100.

  2. CC,

    Awk! That's amazing.

    Still want to know others' leader even if they don't beat the Captain.

  3. The Great Rollie Fingers for me. I'm not even sure how many I've got off the top of my head. But they are incredibly affordable.

  4. I have over 250 Autos of Yankees prospect Brent Cox

  5. Sadly enough, since I am not a huge auto hound I have 5 cards hand signed in person by one of my former favorite players who I never forgave for his treachery...Sid Bream.

    I also have 6 Jaromir Jagr autographs but 4 of them aren't on cards.

  6. Combining in person with certified I think I have a dozen autos of Jonny Gomes... I think I have 4 autos of Carl Crawford now. I have never really sought out to get multiples of any one guy, but like you said, it happens...

  7. Ron Santo. I've forgotten exactly but I think it's between 80 and 100.

  8. Dontrelle Willis for me..... over 60 autos and counting

  9. Wow...these are some big numbers from people. Interesting players too.

  10. prince fielder-6
    Greg Jennings(packers)-5
    Logan Forsythe-5 (have you seen his auto? omgosh)
    Ryan Braun-5