Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who Signs As Often As Wade Boggs?

So I was putting some Wade Boggs cards in a binder when I noticed a very odd thing.

Wade seems to have an inordinate number of cards that show him signing things for fans.

I don't know if this is just a very odd coincidence.

Or if Wade signed constantly while at the park.

Or if Wade was an amazing PR type player who knew being photographed signing stuff would improve his image.

But whatever the reason, I have six cards of him that show him offering his autograph to fans.

So as of this moment, Wade is the record holder for 'Most Baseball Cards Showing The Player Signing Stuff'.

I double dog dare anyone to knock Wade off his perch.


  1. Notice none of those cards show Wade on the Red Sox when he was still a feared hitter... I mean what else was he gonna do while waiting for his ring and his 3000th hit?

  2. That is awesome, both the post and the first comment.

  3. I love signed baseball signs!! my brother had a lot of them way back!