Monday, October 5, 2009

The Card That Got Me Hooked

Seven packs of 1978 Topps! My first packs ever. Stacked straight up big and tall. Thank you CVS Pharmacy, thank you Mom and Dad! Although I was just five years old I was already all about the Orioles. My Dad loved them and well, these things just seem to happen. Never gave it a thought.

Did I get an Eddie?

Unless Eddie Murray decided to spell his name 'Rich Dauer' (pronounced Eddie Murray), I was out of luck.

Or was I?

Yes I was.

Even my powerful five year old imagination couldn't keep Eddie's image seared on the Dauer card for long. Not with Rich Dauer's name staring right at me. In an alarming turn of events, Rich Dauer was indeed Rich Dauer.

It didn't really matter that much. I got a ton of great cards that day (Dauer counts as one of them). I was hooked.

Maybe not pulling Steady Eddie was even better in the long run. I was experiencing the collecting thrill. The chase was on.

What I didn't mention is that my 9 year old brother DID get a Murray out of his packs. At least there would be one in the family!

My brother deftly whisked the card to a safe haven until he could figure out what to do next. Mint mattered even in 1978. I wish I had treated my cards with the same care. He instinctually knew that mint condition meant more value no matter what the object.

As a result, I didn't get to see much of my brother's Murray card. But from time to time he did allow dad to carefully remove The Murray from its chamber for a brief and stressful viewing.


  1. Do you still want one? It's certainly not in mint condition, but I do happen to have 2 copies.

    Your site is as strange as it is humorous. That might have sounded like an insult, but it really isn't. I laughed a lot.

  2. Thanks, Beardy. Very kind of you. Fortunately I was able to accumulate several Murray rookies later in life (not mint).

    Glad you enjoyed the blog. It definitely veered into bizarre-land along the way.