Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Random Autos I Like

Star autos are great. I love them. What's not to love? But I also like autos of average everyday players. Or even players that rarely had a chance to play. Especially if the card they sign has the right look.

Who is George Arias?

He led the league in Home Runs, RBI and Slugging in 1998. But it was the AAA Pacific Coast league.

He had two seasons with 38 Home Japan.

He had 347 HR in his career. Unfortunately, only 14 of them came at the major league level.

After age 24 Mr. Arias was only given 228 more at bats in the majors. Hardly a fair shake for a guy who did so well in the minors and Japan.

To me, this card is sublime; Mr. Arias at blue dusk, signing baseballs for fans. And he signed this card in red sharpie! I don't know why I like red autos but I do.

I normally don't enjoy autos on cards that already have the pre-stamped signature of the player. I find them visually unpleasant. But in this case I couldn't resist. Now THIS is how catchers are supposed to look.

I can't believe people say that Wockenfuss is just folklore. They say he is a hoax. Oh wait, I'm thinking of Sasquatch.

There's not much color in my home or my wardrobe. Yet for some reason two of my all-time favorite sets are the ultra colorful 1975 Topps and 1990 Topps. I know, I know, comparing 1975 Topps to 1990 Topps is ridiculous. I just like them both. Autos seem to explode off of the 1990 Topps cards.

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