Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2008 Topps Chrome Hobby Box Break

2008 Topps Chrome Hobby Box
24 packs, 4 cards per pack
2 autographs per box

All Topps Chrome is good Chrome, but not all sets are created equal.  Most feel 2008 Topps is a bit of a weak design.

Everyone and their dog has seen the set by now, so I'll keep this to inserts and hits.

Chrome Trading Card History still ring cool.

Seven total.  Super shine.

These 50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team cards are beautiful.  Combing shine with color, a giant trophy, and a nice pic, is a formula that can't fail in my book.

Topps wasn't able to kill my joy of pulling a Mantle card, but they sure have been trying.  Now if people pull a Mantle Topps card they are just as likely to be annoyed as they are to be happy.

Okay, okay...the hits:

Chrome Heritage serial numbered to 1959.

Kendrick refractor s/n to 599.

A rookie card!  Oh...Brian Bass (4.87 lifetime era).  Copper refractor serial numbered to 599.

Finally.  A copper refractor Griffey numbered to 599.

Ohlendorf auto.  After a terrible 2008 with the Yanks (6.46 era), Ohlendorf was shipped to the Pirates where he had a respectable season in 2009 (11-10, 3.92 era).

I don't mind getting this auto because it appears Ohlendorf might have a fairly long stay in the majors.  As long as I get players that stick around I usually am okay with the auto.  It's also his rookie card which is always more desirable.

Randy Wells auto.  Another rookie card.

At first glance a lot of baseball fans probably don't remember much about Wells' 2009 season.  He had a crisp 3.05 era in 165.1 innings (12-10 record) for the Cubs.  The 26 year old finished sixth in the Rookie of the Year balloting.

Wells kinda came out of nowhere (3.75 career era in seven seasons in the minors).  He impressed Pinella quite a bit and the Cubs will be counting on him to repeat his 2009 performance.

I'm definitely content with this auto.

Overall this was probably a slightly below average box.  The Griffey Jr copper refractor and Wells auto stand out above a sea of mediocre hits.


  1. Topps Chrome only comes with rookie autos.

  2. I'd love to grab the Wells auto (Jays fan) and any refractors you'd like to purge yourself of (I'm trying to bang out the whole set). Thanks.

  3. That's not a bad break at all. I like the 2008 design.

    And I love me some Chrome.

  4. If you have any interest in trading the Ohlendorf I have some other autos from the set or I can find something else for you.

  5. Aw come on 2008 Topps was one of the best design in the last 19 years

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