Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trade with Thoughts and Sox!

Adam over at Thoughts and Sox contacted me about a possible trade.  He has a highly organized need list so it made things easy on my end.

In return for some Red Sox cards he sent me a 300 card box packed full of mostly Orioles.  It was a great mix including numerous cards from sets I never had the chance to collect.

There's too many to show but I pulled a nice sampling of some of my favorites:

Gotta start with the 2009 Topps Tribute cards.  This is such a high-end, classy product.  I'll probably never bust one of these boxes so it's really nice to be able to add these to my player collections.  I've never even held a 2009 Topps Tribute card before today.

Another card I've never even seen.  Nice insert!

Argh!  Bipped!  It's Steady Eddie though.  

As Adam noted, this was a Bipping sent before a ceasefire was called.  It's the first time I have been Bipped so I'm glad one hit me before it officially ended.  

Although, I guess wanting to get Bipped may be part of what caused Bipping to Jump the Shark in the first place.  I mean when Socialites of the 50's started hiring "genuine Beatniks" to attend their parties...well, the days of the Beatniks were numbered.

Perfect card.

The eternally loved All-Time Fan Favorites set.

More classic photos.  I especially love the background of the Brooks Robinson shot.

Wide range of cards here.

I also received a good amount of Tejada cards.

My Markakis collection received the biggest boost.

I'm looking for Nick to rebound this season.  Last year was okay but not his best.  With all the offense he will have around him in 2010 it will be nearly impossible for him to avoid 110 runs batted in.

Markakis and Felix Hernandez serial numbered to 525.  Cool!

There were also a ton of other star cards from Adam.  A successful and happy trade.  Good times!  Thanks, Adam!

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  1. Sorry for the mix up and how long it took to get hem to you.