Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 Topps Heritage Hobby Box Break

2010 Topps Heritage Hobby Box
24 packs, 8 cards per pack
1 Real One Autograph or Relic Card per box

I am in agreement with most collectors that find the 1961 design rather boring and plain.  But there are also so many different colorful cards in this set that 2010 Heritage quickly won me over.

I decided to show a wide range of cards so those who are on the fence as to whether or not to buy a box can really get a full feeling of what to expect.

For player and team collectors, there are many cards of players in their new uniforms (airbrushed I assume - looks great though).

Most of the pictures showing multiple cards display larger images if you click them.

A lot of the 1961 design looks fantastic.

The manager cards certainly work.

As do the team cards.  Although I admit I never know what to do with my team cards from any set and as a result they all end up in my commons boxes no matter how cool they look.

You can't do much with a checklist but these bring back some '09 memories at least.

Very colorful.  I really like the look of these two cards.

The good old rookie star.  And of course the RC logo telling us it is in fact officially a rookie card.

I pulled three more of these but ten is enough to show (more than enough).

Rookie Star and RC logo, meet Giant All-Star Rookie Trophy.  I always loved the giant trophy.

Three great players for sure.  It's amazing that Gordon Beckham is slotted to play second base this year.  If his bat explodes like I'm convinced it will, he could catapult himself into one of the three best second baseman in baseball in no time flat.

There's a ton of history in this picture.  An important card.  Four classy players who have been through it all.  I'm not sure we will see four teammates so successful for so long ever again (yes I know Pettitte left the Yanks for awhile).

Royals Bashers and Boston Speed Party?  Stretching things a bit here aren't we?

Pedroia had 20 steals and was caught eight times.  His stolen base percentage means he actually hurt his team more than he helped it when he decided to try for a stolen base. 

As for DeJesus and Gordon, they combined for 62 extra base hits in 2009.  Their teammate Billy Butler had 72 extra base hits on his own.  I guess that's the curse of a team with one good hitter.  Butler can't be on every card.

Nicely done.

OMG!  Ham the Chimp!  Finally!

It's hard to find a pitcher good enough to put side by side with Whitey, but King Felix IS that good.  I'm predicting he wins the 2010 Cy Young.

As with the Then and Now card, I received just one New Age Performers.  They are both really nice designs.  I wish the seed rate was a little higher.  They each fall 1:15 hobby packs.

I never tire of Ruth cards.  As far as I'm concerned Ruth was so far above the rest of players in the history of Major League baseball that he seems almost mythical.  If I could pick any three players to watch live in their prime it would be Ruth, Josh Gibson, and Cobb.

A bit of history.

I really like these cards.  Too bad they are all short prints.

Another super looking card that is always a short print!  It frustrates me that two of my favorite designs in the set are harder to come by.

At least I got a decent amount of them.  Card numbers 426-500 are all short prints.

You can also tell short prints because their backs are lighter in color (Hart card).  This makes things easy.

My final two SP's.

You also get either this Advertising Panel or a Topps Stamp Album.  From the sound of it I'm glad I got the panel.  It is 3.5 x 7.5 inches.

The stated odds of getting a one card buy-back pack are 1:2 hobby boxes. 

Now for the hits...

Chrome inserts serial numbered to 1961.  I'm happy with this mix of players, especially Markakis.

Here's a chrome serial numbered to 561.  A decent player but not the best pull.

Ah, no Real One auto. 

The good news is I'm an Orioles' fan and Millwood is on the Orioles now.  Also the orange and black right side of the card looks Orioles-ish.  A coincidence I'm guessing.  The bad news is Millwood is an average pitcher nearing the end of his career.

So, my two biggest hits were a little disappointing, but this set certainly is not.  The basic design is plain but all the other cards you can pull (and there are many) are colorful and alive.

Overall I think the set is wonderful.  What do you guys think?  Is 2010 Heritage a set you enjoy collecting or are you skipping this year's edition?


  1. Sweet Markakis!

  2. Nice Break, Thanks for sharing.

    I don't suppose the Beckhams are available for trade? Please email if they are

  3. let me know if you are interested in trading the Morgan or any of the chromes...list is on my blog...signhereandhere@blogspot
    your box looked alot like mine, cept you got the buyback. I got the brooks robinson Memorial Stadium seat relic. sick. I too, appreciate the O's

  4. You know, I like the set, and I wouldn't mind opening packs or a box....but it is an absolute schlep to complete. For a set-builders set, they make it really, really difficult

  5. Well, you know my opinion :)

    It pales in comparison to the last two Heritage sets, I think. I'm also angry at Heritage for its short-print shenanigans.

    But the concept of Heritage, I still enjoy.