Friday, March 5, 2010

Coming Soon: 8 Box Breaks!

My first trip to the local card store netted me eight boxes, most of which I've never had the opportunity to open in the past.  I doubt I'll have the chance to get back to the card store for over a year so I wanted to make the trip worthwhile.

I plan on opening (and posting) one a day.  If there's a particular box you want me to open first please leave a comment!

I'm really excited to open these because I have very little cards (or none) from these sets.  Four of the boxes come from 1999.  I think that year had some amazing products.  I had stopped collecting in 1992 or so and missed out on this stuff.

Here's the list:

2002 Topps Gallery

2003 Topps Chrome Series Two

2008 Topps Chrome (this is the only box I have opened before - and just one)

1999 Skybox Metal Universe

1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated

1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond

1999 Topps Finest

2010 Topps Heritage

Which should I open first?  Thanks!


  1. I'll definitely have to keep an eye on this. If you end up with any extra Cardinals that you don't want, let me know...

    I think I'm most excited about the 2003 Chrome box because I'm a fan of the base set.

  2. They're all good. I wish I had one box in my possession, let alone eight.

    I've always liked the Fleer Sports Illustrated set.

  3. Man, you always know how to make us all jealous... Nice stuff! I will be waiting for all of them. I agree with the Owl though, bust the SI first.

  4. Thats a great bunch of boxes! I was really hoping it was a group break. SI first.

  5. Thanks for the comments and votes! The SI box will be the first one opened (3 votes).

  6. You should get some great cards there !