Thursday, December 10, 2009

2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Hobby Box Break

2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres
18 packs, 4 cards per pack
Each box contains (2) Autographs and (1) Game-Used Jersey Card on average.  The set includes 130 XRC's for the 2003 season.
Cost:  $29.95 (Blowout Cards - Black Friday deal)

What a super Markakis card.  I didn't own this card and have never even seen it.

The Orioles fan in me cheered again.  These are the first 2003 Prospect Premieres in my collection so it is nice to fill in a gap.

Ethier, Ray, Kouzmanoff.

Milledge, Aardsma, Danks.

Delmon Young, Quentin.

It's kinda interesting that of these ten total cards, only Markakis wears the same uniform today.  And these are the stars.  Imagine how much the lesser players moved around since 2003.

Now the hits:




The thing about opening a prospect box from 2003 is that most of the mystery of who is a good or bad player has been revealed.  It makes it easier.  Unfortunately it also really makes you realize just how many prospects never even make a small impact in the majors.

The three hits were weak.  Of the 69 other cards only 10 are worth putting in the binder.

This box comes down to the luck of the hits.  There are some nice autographs that can be pulled such as Quentin, Billingsly, Danks and Adam Jones.  But if you don't get decent auto pulls this box is not a very fun experience and not even worth the $30 "deal".  It is a lottery ticket.


  1. Lubanski was a huge prospect at one point I think he is about 24 years old now.

    I don't collect Upper Deck but I do remember going to a card show and picking up singles from this set in 2004. The cards design worked on this set and the prospects checklist was top notch. I think Markasis signed for this set.

  2. Yeah Lubanski was doing well at age 21 but kinda hit a wall since. He's still young enough turn it around again. 2010 will be an important year for him.

    I can't find a Markakis auto listed for this set in Beckett but there is a game used possibility so that's cool.

  3. That Adam Jones card makes me sick to my stomach. I still can't believe we traded him.

  4. Hey Bud,

    I hear ya. I live in Seattle and was excited to watch Jones on the Mariners daily. When I heard the Orioles got him I was so shocked and excited. Plus the Mariners gave up Sherrill and Tillman. I felt bad for the Mariners' fans. Wish the O's had fleeced a different team.

    Bedard was a lot of fun to watch on the Mariners but he never stays healthy.