Sunday, December 20, 2009

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars Hobby Box Break (Box 2, Twelve Hits - Any Good?)

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars Hobby Box
24 packs, 4 cards per pack
Content Highlights (on average):
4 autographed rookie cards (printed on silver foil board)
7 foil-numbered inserts
Find limited triple signature cards
Cost:  $29.95 (Blowout Cards - Black Friday deal)
Estimated Cost Through Ebay (with shipping):  $35-50

Take a look at the Upper Deck Future Stars Box 1 break if you wanna get a wider scope of the base in this set.  This box break won't recap base stars because it's pretty much the same, but here is what they look like:

This card is being set aside for Carl Crawford Cards (yup I got doubles as I hoped).

Now for the hits:

Elijah Dukes (s/n: #328/999).  How many of us are still waiting for Dukes to flourish?  His lifetime .771 OPS is better than many would have guessed.  His ability to walk and hit with a bit of power makes him a reasonably valuable player.  It also keeps people hoping he can turn into a 20 hr, .900 OPS type player.

Chase Wright/Joe Smith (s/n: #388/999).  Joe Smith is a serviceable middle reliever (career:  3.49 era, 141.2 ip).

Chase Wright (s/n: #100/500).  Two, count 'em, two Chase Wright inserts!  Ugh.  Wright was in Milwaukee's minor league system in 2009 (AAA:  4.51 era, 131.2 ip).

Jeff Baker (s/n: #070/500).

Michael Bourn (s/n: #099/500).  Hmmm, I got a different serial numbered card of Bourn in the first box of this product.  He won the NL stolen base title in 2009 (61 sb).

Brandon Webb (s/n: #009/199).  The first star hit.

Derek Jeter (s/n: #180/199).  Now we're talkin'!

Anthony Lerew auto.  The end of the road may be near for this 27 year old pitcher.  His lifetime 3.52 era in the minors is decent, but in parts of four seasons in the majors (just 35ip total) his era is 6.69.  He's in the Royals system now.

Jared Burton auto.  A fairly successful middle reliever for the Reds (3.47 era, 161 ip lifetime).

Levale Speigner auto.  He'll be 29 throughout 2010.  He pitched relief in AAA for the Marlins in '09.  This guy is pretty much dominating the minors now, but his major league career, as brief as it has been, is terrible so far: 9.19 era, 48ip.  I don't know if the Marlins picture him as a bullpen arm in the majors or if he is a roster holder in AAA.

Mike Schultz auto.  He may be out of baseball, but he's still very tall.  They can't take that away.

So you are saying, Field, there is a lot of garbage here.  True.  However, just like in the first box, I received five autos (four were expected).  The fifth one saved the box:

Prince Fielder auto.  My first Fielder auto!  As some probably know by now, I have a lot of respect for the way Fielder plays the game, not to mention the stats he is racking up at an early age.  When I pulled this I said what I assume everyone says when pulling a Prince Fielder auto: "Goody Goody Gumdrops".

So I got a lot of good base (not shown), two nice serial numbered cards (Webb, Jeter), and the Fielder signature.  This box trounced the first one.  Nonetheless, after opening two boxes now, this is a product that seems to have a LOT of dud inserts.  You need some decent luck to come away happy if you pay full price for the box ($50ish).


  1. nice hits (as I wave to the Jeter card)

  2. Prince saves the day! That is just a great pull. I've yet to pull anything that good from a hobby box (though the number I've busted is critically low).

    Out of curiousity, has anyone ever made an offer on that Aramis Ramirez from the first box? I could use it if it's up for trade and still available.

  3. Lonestarr,

    I can set aside the Aramis card if you'd like. Do you want regular base cards I might have pulled from any of the recent box break posts as well?

  4. Cool, thanks. :)

    Sure thing on the base cards. I think I have all Cubs from Future Stars base set and most from Masterpieces, but I have almost nothing else from the rest of the boxes you've opened.