Thursday, December 31, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Retail Box Breaks (5 boxes, Just The Hits)

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Retail Box
24 packs, 4 cards per pack
Cost:  $9.99 (Blowout Cards - Black Friday deal)

The first six boxes were a lot of fun to open.  These were too, but perhaps the hits in these were not quite as good.  This finishes off the Masterpieces bash.

Box 1:

A pinstripe is a lot harder to pull on these than one would expect (at least in retail boxes).

s/n: #49/50

Box 2:

s/n: #19/25

Box 3:

s/n: #67/100

Box 4:

s/n: #54/75

Box 5:

s/n:  #14/50


  1. Very nice! I missed out on the black Friday deals but picked up two retail boxes for $15 each the next weekend, which still seems like a good deal for this product. Can't wait to get 'em Monday!

  2. would you be willing to trade the Hanley??

  3. ahhh, sorry wicked, hanley is one of my fav young players too.

  4. would you be willing to trade the ford, wright and carter?

    I am a huge fan of this set and really like the different base parallels, so I try to trade for a few hear and there.

  5. Hey Anthony,

    Sure I'd be willing to trade the Ford, Wright and Carter.

  6. Woah, I think I started foaming at the mouth when I saw that Fukudome. Is it available?

  7. Hey lonestarr,

    Yeah, it's a sweet card. It's available.

    I also have that Aramis Ramirez Future Stars 110/199 set aside for you and 3 Cubs Museum Collection cards from 1995 Pinnacle if you want them (Willie Banks, Randy Myers, Brian McRae). I can send you scans of those Museum cards if u want. I love how those inserts look.

    Maybe u have some cool Orioles inserts (or did Beardy get em?)

  8. It's ok no biggie.... thanks anyways... i'll see what doubles i have to send your way...

  9. Nope, Beardy didn't get 'em, though I'm sure he will get some someday. Ryan's memorabilia blog got quite a few though. Been quietly rebuilding the O's stash since. I got an Eddie Murray bat card in a lot of legends and Hall of Famer (... and Cliff Floyd) relics from eBay awhile back, amongst a few other things that have turned up in packs & stuff. There will also be three boxes throughout January (A Piece of History is due to arrive on the 4th I think, Threads has been ordered & payment sent, & the third one I dunno yet, leaning towards '09 Spectrum though) that might have something of interest to you in them as well.

    And I am definitely interested in the Museum Collection cards. I do loves me some Pinnacle. :D