Thursday, December 31, 2009

My #1 All-Time Auto Pull

I have never busted any boxes that cost over $100, so my all-time auto pull won't match a lot of folks.  But my hands shook because I was so excited and nervous when I pulled this one (sometime last year).  Being an Orioles fan helped.

These are digital camera shots.  I'm still experimenting with how to do this best.  The first is without flash and the second is with flash.  Which is a better shot?  I think the first picture looks better but I dunno.

Unfortunately my first digital camera was a bust.  It wouldn't turn on and burned through batteries at a goofy rate.  Actually, the batteries were fine, the camera just insisted they were dead.  They work in everything else.  At any rate, the camera was impossible.

My new one came today (different brand) and I love it so far.  The battery is rechargeable and seems to last.  I don't have a memory stick yet so I can only snap three pics at a time.


  1. Top picture is best, I guess. Try taking the pic at a little bit more of an angle (with flash) and it should reduce some of the glare...

  2. Tops any auto pull i have ever had (and I pulled an auto numbered 5/5...but it was Jacque Jones).

  3. You got all of those cards out of a box? You hit the Jackpot me friend. To find all of those that you posted here they are Great. Congratulations....

  4. Nice auto. I sold the one Ripken auto I pulled years ago on Ebay. I needed the money at the time. I've been posting pics using a camera for a while. I've found the best way for me to do it is make sure there is lots of light on the card and use no flash. Sometimes, like on refractors, you get glare but it works best. Good luck.

  5. Thnx, Anon. Well it took five retail boxes to get them.

    This Ripken came from a hobby box awhile back.

  6. I've only had one really big autograph pull myself. One day I randomly decided to buy a pack of 2008 Sweet Spot since there wasn't much else at the card shop. I pulled a Griffey Jr autographed bat card and figured that I never had to buy another pack of that again.

    I'd say that the top picture is best. If the light is low then the advice of taking the picture from a bit of an angle to reduce glare is the way to go.

    If you find yourself needing a new printer, check out the all-in-ones out there. My printer died in my move and I was able to pick up a nice Canon all-in-one for $40. The scanner on that works better than the one that I already had so I'm pretty happy.

  7. Thanks for the advice, all. I'll try it out.

    Some of the stuff I'll be taking pics of is on the wall in cases so there's the case glare from a straight on angle. The lighting isn't great there either.

    This Ripken I didn't have in a case but was hesitant to put it in a scanner.

  8. What a beauty! Just like denim jackets, that card will never go out of style.