Monday, January 18, 2010

2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition Hobby Box Break

2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition Hobby Box
14 packs per box, 8 cards per pack
2 Autos per box on average
Cost:  $19.95 (Blowout Cards)

There are a handful of $20 boxes that feel well worth the cost.  I've busted a few of the 2007 SP Rookie Edition boxes over the past year or so and it definitely falls into this category.

The set has 284 cards.  100 of which are regular base like these.

A very clean, straightforward look that works quite well.

I received 54 of these type of cards.  34 are stars.  15 are semi-stars.  Five are commons. 

So you get four of the regular cards per pack.

The remaining four cards in each pack will be rookie card variations based on the 1993, 1995 and 1996 designs (and a 2007 design to round it out).

With four total variations, every pack literally has the feel of multiple sets.  Here's Gordon, Lind, and Braun.

Pie and Butler.  Pie is still a work in progress.  Billy Butler has arrived.  His 51 doubles, 21 hr, and .301 batting average are just a sign of what will come very soon, I believe.

This pic was taken using a scanner.  The cards look a bit blah.

But this pic was taken with a camera.  Same style cards, different angle.  It shows the true shine nicely.  Reynolds and Pence.

These different rookie versions come from the same pool of players, so you can expect to get a couple Lincecums usually.

Which is about as good as collecting can get.

The set has four different Lincecum cards.  Four different Adam Lind cards.  Four different Ryan Braun cards.  And on and on.  Once in awhile you will get two different versions of the same player in the same pack.

Braun looking wide awake (how unusual).

Pence, Hughes, Butler, Gordon (scanner shot).

How long does Brandon Wood have to prove himself in the minors before he is given 550 at bats with the big club?  Perhaps 2010 will be his chance.

Wood is a streaky hitter and needs to be put somewhere and left alone.  He's an infielder who has averaged 29 home runs a season in the minors (over the last five years).

I wanted him on the Orioles but nothing came of the rumor.

Dice-K.  This guy actually pitched while keeping his shoulder strain a secret from everyone because he didn't want to draw attention.  His 5.76 era was no secret.  Let's hope he rebounds.

A couple different Delmon Young cards.

Young was supposed to be a superstar.  He hit 26 home runs in the minors at age 19 (AA-AAA).

His lifetime .290 ba in the majors is deceptive.  The .738 ops tells the real story.  Young can't get on base.  He had just twelve walks in 416 plate appearances in 2009.  The only thing that marginally saved his season was a wonderful final week with the Twins when it was most needed.

He will only be age 24 throughout the 2010 season, however he is falling into the 4th outfielder role, a far cry from the player many thought would hit .320 with 25 hr and 25 sb for years on end.

Ryan Sweeney auto.  Oh well.  Hey at least it's a guy who is young and playing regularly (.293 ba, 534 plate appearances, .755 ops for the A's).  Good enough for me.

Adam Lind auto.  Sweet.

This card has some damage to it on the top center.  I was able to smooth it down pretty much, but it's definitely not mint.  Bad luck there.

Overall I don't know that there are many better ways to spend 20 bucks.  It will always be a win at this price as far as I'm concerned.


  1. Nice pulls.
    My box of this yielded an Alexi Casilla auto, and a Phil Hughes auto. Strangely enough, my better auto (Hughes) had damage on the top center of the card as yours did... odd..

  2. Would love to acquire those Linds and the Tulowitzki if in any way possible. Great box.

  3. Nice break. You could have done a lot worse than Sweeney and Lind. I like the look of those cards, simple and classy.

  4. Swag,

    That is interesting. I wonder if that is a trend with this box. I don't think my other boxes had auto damage but I forget.


    I just started trading so if those packages go smoothly I'll keep ya in mind!


  5. Man I love Delmon Young. I think he's one of those guys like Jeff Franceour who got by on IMMENSE talent until he arrived at the highest level, then just got lost because he lacked some basic skills (ie how to take a bb!). Hopefully he'll get it turned around here.

  6. CCC,

    Well offensively Young's career is quite similar to what Puckett's was at the same age (nice average, few walks, not much power), so maybe Young will turn it around too.

    I saw you had Delmon Young on your list of players you collect, but there were no details so I thought maybe you were all set for now. Next time I can send you some if u want.