Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wall of Addiction

We have a saying in my family...

Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.  We've lived and died by that phrase for generations.

Although a lot of the frames are worth about the same as the Orioles stuff in the frames, I can always slip in upgrades should they come my way.

In the meantime, I have a fun hallway that makes me happy every time I walk by.

And reminds me just how much I love my Orioles through thick and thin.


  1. Anything worth doing is worth over doing has always been one of my mottos... It has got me in trouble in the past.
    I LOVE the wall! That is truly beautiful! I could tell you a story, but I will wait.
    That wall is awe inspiring!

  2. That is awesome!!! I love it! Hope to have something similar in the future!

  3. That is AWESOME. Gotta say that takes a lot of commitment from the folks you live with. My compa is "tolerant" rather than "committed."

  4. Thanks, all! :-)

    People around here think I'm nuts but I thought my baseball card pals out there might appreciate it.

  5. China's wall has nothing on you... AWESOME!!

  6. That wall is great! I love how the color pops, and you've been able to keep it all in the same color scheme. It has a very classy look to it.

    Wonderful job!

  7. I'm with CC on this one Tolerant is the word around here.... I can't wait to have a man cave, it will be like a mini hall of fame!