Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baseball Cards Have Conquered My Living Room

Before this table was moved to the middle of the living room, it served as a place to eat.  It was pleasant.    When the table became a hub for organizing cards, I started eating on the couch.  I used that coffee table back there as my area to set dishes and drinks.

Soon I lost that spot to an aggressive invasion of cards.  So now I eat by my computer, but I am suspicious of a large amount of cards amassing on the floor next to the computer desk as well.

From this aerial view you can see this looks like a staging area of some sort.

And here you can see that in fact many cards have begun to flank the desk.  On the far right there are already two boxes positioned against the left leg.  They may think they appear innocent and friendly, but I am now aware of how these bloodless victories begin.

I thought I'd make a New Year's resolution to negotiate peace and restore order, however I soon realized I am outnumbered and really have no leverage against the cards at this point.  So, I vowed to get another table.

In a sense, this is my way of bringing about Living Room Peace.  It's not World Peace, sure, but I'm just one man.  We have to pick our battles in life.


  1. That's a really funny post. The photos really add to it.

  2. We feel your pain.

    You may have made a fatal error by allowing cards into your main living area, though. Perhaps you should purchase a GPS device so that in the event of an emergency, we can find you.

  3. Hmm... looks like there's some semblance of order and very few stacks of dangerous size or precarious placement at the edge of tables or resting atop items of questionable integrity like large stacks of manga or soft cover Japanese-English dictionaries, so you haven't lost the war quite as badly as me, even though you appear to have considerably more cards in total. That was a long sentence.

  4. Ha ha. Funny replies.

    Well, these are actually only the cards that are "misbehaving". The agreeable cards are in the closet.

    I guess there are worse addictions in life.