Friday, January 22, 2010

Trade with Carl Crawford Cards (My First Trade)

I received some super jersey cards from CCC (Carl Crawford Cards) a few days ago.  I sent over some Carl Crawfords he needed and he sent me some Orioles cards.

I got quite a bit compared to what I gave, so part of the deal is CCC is also due some CTBNL (Crawfords To Be Named Later).

This is my first quad jersey card and it's a beauty!  Old guard Mora and new era Markakis.  Two Orioles plus another player I have collected for years (Cabrera).

Now that Cabrera is pursuing ongoing treatment for his drinking problem, it will be a big story watching a sober (hopefully) Cabrera in 2010.  This guy has been one of the best hitters in baseball.  What can he do with a clear head?  In an era that was all about performance enhancing drugs, we have Cabrera drinking and eating like a madman.  I'll be cheering even louder for Cabrera in 2010.


I've wanted this card from the first day I saw it online.  Markakis is Mr. Cool in this pic.

Markakis had a disappointing 2009.  He still managed a .293 ba, with 18 hr, 45 doubles and 101 rbi.  The major dip came from getting less walks (2008:  99 bb, 2009:  56 bb).  He will be back.  He's a fantastic player.

I really like the old-school feel of the picture in the background.

Gotta love Roberts.  Any team would be lucky to have him at second base (56 doubles, 16 hr, 30 sb).  I sometimes feel sorry for Roberts.  He has been a loyal Bird.  He has waited and waited for things to turn around.  We are now on the cusp of flipping the switch.  I just hope the good days start while Roberts is still a strong player.  He deserves it.

I have very few Reimold cards and no jerseys until now.

Reimold will be exciting to watch in 2010.  A full season.  MLB Network was doing over/under predictions for 2010.  They predicted both Reimold and Weiters would hit over 20 home runs.  I think that's a safe bet (especially Reimold).  Throw in Markakis and Adam Jones and we are looking at four 20 home run players.  Adrian Gonzalez would have been a perfect bat in the middle of that power.

CCC included this wonderful quad swatch even though it wasn't part of the deal!

So it was a banner day for my Orioles collection.  Thank you CCC for making my first trade so enjoyable.  The hunt for CTBNL has already begun!


  1. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed the cards. Looking forward to more trades!

  2. i have a Markakis auto that i would like to trade...

  3. Hey wicked, what's your email address? Or email me.

    I have a sealed 2004 Topps Retired Black Luis Tiant auto to trade as part of a Markakis auto deal.