Friday, January 15, 2010

Longoria Auto Redeemed! (Should it be this curved?)

Today was a joyous day.  I received not one, but two redeemed auto cards from Topps!  Evan Longoria and Jay Bruce.

Evan Longoria came from a December 15th box break: Topps Hobby Box (Longoria).

Jay Bruce came from a a December 23rd box break: Topps Hobby Box (Bruce).

Mighty fast turn around I'd say.

The 2008 Red Hot Rookies must be about the best looking cards in the history of the universe.

The card does seem dramatically curved.  I've taken some shots at an angle to better illustrate:


So here are my questions to you folks out there in the card collecting world:  Is this card curved to the point that I should be worried?  Is this curve a common thing for these cards?  

I don't have much experience with redemption cards and none with Red Hot Rooke cards.  I'm very happy with it but don't want to make a mistake if this curve thing should be addressed. 

The Jay Bruce card isn't curved much so I know not all of these cards come this way.

Any advice or feedback on this is much appreciated.


  1. from what I've seen, a lot of topps "chrome" cards are like this.
    Put it in a soft sleeve, into a top loader, and it will correct itself.

  2. Seems a bit too curved... I'd say put em in a think screwdown/magnetic holder to straighten em out again.

  3. Hm, okay thanks for the tips.

    The funny thing is this came in a soft sleeve/top loader from Topps but the top loader was curved too. I took the card out, assuming it was the top loader causing the card to curve. Once the card came out the top loader returned to being flat.

    That is a heck of a strong curve in a card if it can cause the top loader to curve when placed in it.

  4. It is too curvey, you should trade it immediately-to me! It is a REALLY nice looking card. I think a one-screw will straighten it up. VERY NICE!!! Very jealous over here...

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  6. Although I'm sure the exact translation makes more sense!

  7. I've got a pile of Chrome cards that seem to have big curves in them. It always peeves me a bit. This happened more with a football blaster that I got this year.

    So you are saying the card returned to normal? If so, good, good.

  8. It hasn't returned to normal but I haven't tried all the suggestions yet.