Saturday, February 27, 2010

Contest Loot from First Day Issue

It's been almost two weeks since I posted but I just received my winnings from Bud's contest over at First Day Issue and I wanted to say thanks!

I got a nice tall stack of 2010 Topps which included a lot of stars (two Mantles even) and a nice mix of inserts.  It felt like I was opening a bunch of packs (without having to deal with the wrappers) which made my Saturday morning very pleasant.

Bud also included these two cards:

Not only is this my first 2010 Topps red back but it's also a mini.  I was not even aware they made a mini version of this card.  The greatest reliever in the history of baseball is very welcome here.

A game used Jim Palmer jersey from the fantastic All-Time Fan Favorites set!  What a wonderful card.  Bud knows I'm an Orioles' fan and Palmer is the king when it comes to Orioles pitching greats.

Thanks a ton for your generous prizes, Bud!

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  1. Sorry it took me a fortnight to get the cards to you. Glad you found some you liked! I'll keep you in my when pulling O's in the future.