Tuesday, February 16, 2010

12 More from the Million Card Giveaway

Better luck this time around but nothing much.  I like the old card (Hal Smith) and the Bonds card (I don't have it), but not enough to pay $3.50 to get them.

I want more lottery tickets.  I mean, I want more Topps packs.


  1. Out of about 75 redemptions across the sphere, that is the first 50's card I have seen...

  2. So does that mean you'd trade the Hal Smith for my 2005 Grady Sizemore? I'm totally willing to drop the $3 to get that card sent to me.

  3. *to get Hal sent to me.

    Also, I'll finally be emailing you about trading shortly.

  4. :-) Thnx.

    Lonestarr: What my hope is that sometime this year I will get a big hit that will justify a $3.00 cost for shipping. If that happens I'd get the Hal Smith sent to me as an extra(.50 cents at that point). Probably not the Bonds though.

    I'll trade the Hal Smith for an old Orioles (50's) card though.

  5. Wow, those are pretty good cards if you ask me! The Hal Smith is pretty awesome. I haven't seen anybody pull a '50's card until now.

  6. Congrats..

    That Hal Smith is the nicest card I have seen yet.

    Im dying to get my hands on a Jumbo..

  7. Ol' Hal must've forgotten to show up when I entered my code.