Monday, February 1, 2010

Ebay Loot for Under $20 (Part 2 - Includes a Ted Williams!)

Cost:  $4.18
Details:  1959 Fleer Ted Willams #50.

The 80 card 1959 Ted Williams Fleer set is wonderful for people collecting on a budget.  They are undervalued gems.  I have slowly been collecting this set through the years (I have only six so far).  I don't actively seek them out, but when I see one in good shape that's priced to sell, I grab it.  

I put them in a binder and every time I flip through that book and come to the Williams page I get all sentimental about baseball and card collecting.  Imagine it's 1959 and you're a New England kid who loves Ted Williams.  Suddenly Fleer enters the baseball card game by releasing a set dedicated solely to Ted.  It must have made some kids flip with joy.

Never mind the fact that Fleer decided on a Ted Williams set because Topps had most players locked up with exclusive contracts.  Kids don't care about that adult stuff! (That's why kids are so cool.)

The back of this card explains Ted's spring injury in 1954:  'In the opening minutes of spring training, Ted fell while chasing a sinking line drive and broke his shoulder.  This was Ted's second serious injury, and truly could have marked the end to a great baseball career!'  

Ted was limited to 117 games in '54.  He hit .345 with 29 hr.  He managed to get on base just 51% of the time (136 walks).

Cost:  $1.18
Details:  2002 Donruss Classics Legends (S/N to 1500).

Clean looking cards.  The bland backgrounds make the pictures standout, but that isn't necessarily me trumpeting bland backgrounds.

Cost:  $1.25
Details:  1993 Topps Finest All-Stars.

Cost:  $1.25
Details:  1999 Fleer Mystique Rookies (S/N to 2999)

I have played a baseball computer simulation league with my dad for years.  We have settled on using the same 'High Heat 2003' game over and over because it is the most realistic sim we have found.  We have created an in-depth point system, trade rules, penalties, bonus picks, free agent restrictions, etc.  It's a whole alternate baseball universe for us.  

I mention it because most of these no-name cards are players found in that sim.  So when I look at the names of some of these fringe players, I associate them with having fun with my dad.  For that, and because they are serial numbered rookies, in the binders they go!  Even you Carlos Febles, even you.

Cost:  $1.00
Details:  2000 Upper Deck Cooperstown Calling Insert (#CC7).

Canseco?  Cooperstown Calling?  Wrong number.  After all is said and done I sheepishly admit I am a Canseco fan.  He was just so fun and funny to watch for all those years.

This card is actually quite shiny in person.  I'm not sure why I bought it though.  It isn't a great price for just this one card.  I may have been sipping wine.

Cost:  $1.10
Details:  1977 Topps.

Cost:  $1.00
Details:  1999 Spx SP (S/N to 1999).

A nice Beltre.  Yup, wine.

Cost:  $1.05
Details:  2003 SP Legendary Cuts (S/N to 1299).

Cost:  Free 

Nobody gives better freebies than this seller.  He even takes the time to cater the free stuff based on where the buyer lives (hence four Griffey cards).

The breakdown for $20:
18 serial numbered cards
12 refractors
6 inserts
1977 Winfield
1959 Ted Williams
13 other cards (mostly Finest base)
 8 free star cards

Yes a lot of the refractors and serial numbered cards weren't stars, but I still feel like I got a ton for just under 20 bucks (here's part 1 if you missed it).  

Every card came in a penny sleeve and is in beautiful shape.  Add free cards to free shipping and nice prices, and you can see why this seller is number one in my all-time Ebay book.

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