Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trade with First Day Issue

Bud of First Day Issue: Baseball Cards and the Neverending Pursuit of Everything Ken Griffey Jr. and Viva La Vidro sent me some cool cards recently.

Here's a handful of them:

Brooks!  Check out that old school Orioles logo.  

Fantastic card.  A blue chrome refractor.  A tough pull of a superstar.

Hernandez s/n to 199.  Blue refractors are some of my favorite cards.  I only have a few.

Hanleys, Cabrera, and more Orioles.  Win, win, win.

Jake Arrieta.  I have hardly any Arrieta cards.  He is another Baby Bird that is going to take the baseball world by storm!  

Thanks for the cards, Bud!  Your package has  been sealed and ready to go for several days.  I will mail it soon.  I see Collective Troll just sent you 37 Griffeys so I hope I haven't duplicated his stuff much.    


  1. It was about a week ago that made your first trade wasn't it? Now you have become an old pro... Bud is one of the best traders out there. Very nice stuff! The Baby Birds have some serious potential. There are some great arms in the bunch.

  2. Glad you find some cards you liked! I will keep my eyes open for more O's prospects.