Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps is no Keith Richards (and that's a bad thing)

Although Keith Richards loved to pour a Jack Daniels at ten in the morning while muttering "It's five o'clock somewhere," Topps has decided that it's February 15th nowhere.

The Million Card Giveaway has already become the butt of "I told ya so" jokes.  Note the ashtray.  Insert failure there.

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  1. Topps Million Card giveaway site is live, but very slow. I keep getting redirects. Others who have gotten in are taking 20 minutes to get registered.

    It doesn't appear to be "early bird gets the worm" as I've seen a good mix of vintage and junk wax in the postings I"ve seen so far. I bet the card is tied to your code or the Topps randomizer is good at mixing things up when one redeems a code.

    Just give it a few days for the heavy traffic to shake out - people have been accumulating cards for the better part of a month now and things would probably have been better if the site was ready to go when Topps 2010 released so people could redeem their cards as product filtered through the distribution channels and got opened.

    BTW, I bet when all is said and done, topps will have about 2/3 junk wax to current, 1/3 vintage mix among the million cards. I wonder if the 52T Mantle has at least 2 copies - one for redemption and one for grand prize, or if the 52T Mantle is being saved just for the grand prize.