Monday, February 15, 2010

12 Unlocked Cards from the Million Card Giveaway!

For the first twelve hours of February 15th the Topps site to unlock my cards was not working at all for me (and all others that posted in that time frame).  Then for the next five hours it would not allow me to complete registration.  But I'm in now and all is well.

I have 24 total to unlock.  I unlocked 12 and will save the rest for later tonight.  My virtual collection shall rule all virtual collections! Muahahahahaha!


What a brilliant idea by Topps.  A marketing campaign that costs them almost nothing.

There is a sliver of a chance you will pull a valuable card.  That's all it takes for us to keep redeeming.  Nobody in their right mind would pay to have these cards sent to them.  It seems 99.9% of the cards will never be called upon.  Basically we redeem a picture.  It's still fun, I admit.

Every card here is for virtual trade.  Gimme Orioles cards of a similar year and we have a deal!  I plan on building an Orioles empire of cards and then I will attack other virtual collections.  Like in that game RISK.  So far I don't see a combat option though. Weird.


  1. Mr. Repoz had some serious sideburns

  2. Hey if you guys get any cards post them on my blog:
    All you do is post all the cards you get and we can see if this promotion is really worth.